Prarthana Yogam

The All India Malankara Prayer Group has been constituted to monitor and streamline the prayer and reading habits of congregations in different prayer groups functioning in the various parishes under the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Christian Church.
The objective of this group is to ascertain the inculcation of firm faith, love of the church and brotherhood and bring about the spiritual, material and educational upliftment of the people.A unit consists of 20-30 heads of families and grown-up men. However, the women and children of these families can participate in these meetings. Once in a week (preferably Sunday) the prayer meetings are conducted at a convenient time in different houses or in a common place of convenience.Each unit has the vicar of the parish as the president and should have a secretary who should maintain the credit and debit account as well as the report. Once in three months, a common meeting as per the directions of the Vicar is to be convened with a general Secretary to oversee the conduct of the meeting.In all the districts under a diocese, the missionaries and the secretaries nominated by the Metropolitan as well as the priest appointed by the metropolitan as the Vice-President have a three-year term in office. The organization of meeting in every diocese is the joint responsibility of the Secretary and the District Evangelist.

There will be a Metropolitan recommended by the Holy Synod and appointed by His Holiness the Catholicos as the President and His Holiness Himself as the Patron for the committee, which has its head quarters in Kottayam. the central committee comprises the President and the Vice-President, General Secretary and Organizing Secretary all appointed by the President and a treasurer who is recommended by the General body and 3 other members nominated by the same body. The President also nominates three other members to the central committee.

There is also a general body, which functions with the Vice presidents, secretaries, of every diocese and also two members nominated by the Metropolitans and 5 members nominated by the president. With the above arrangements, a bye-law was established in July 1987 and in February 1994 the Holy Synod brought about certain amendments thereof and started functioning.

President: H.G. Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan
Vice President: Rev. Fr. Ninan V. George
General Secretary: Rev.Fr. Ebey Philip Ph: 04792487777 Mob: 9447265646

Unit General Secretary  
Roy C.C
Chamaparambil (Houase)
Unit Secretary Joint Secretary
1 St. Johns – Avarma

Philip A.C

Ammini Abraham
Puthoor Kudilil
2 St. George – Chemmanam Kunnu Shinto George
Eldose Geroge
3 St.Jacob  -  Vadakkepuram Sunny Mallipurathu Biji Sabu
4 St.Joseph  - Pulikkakunnu Jisha Roy
Anu Varghese
5 St.Peter’s  -  Thettalikode Mary Kuriyakose
Ajith K Alex
6 St.Jamew’s  - Putnalkode Benny P.P
Sony P Sunny
7 St.Thoma’s –  Peruva 1 Jijo Plappillil Bindu Saji
8 St.Gregoriou’s  - Peruva 2 Valsa Varghese
George K A
9 St. Paul’s  - Kunnappilly1 Rahul Puthooran Tessy Baby
10 St.Mary’s –  Kunnappilly2 Babu Palakulam Eldo varghese