Media Wing

Media Wing has been covering, reporting, publishing, broadcasting, telecasting and highlighting issues, events, programs, people and activities which directly or indirectly promote the culture, practice and spread of core values like positivism, brotherhood, cooperation, commitment, non-violence,unity, spiritual wisdom for holistic health, harmony and happiness. It acts as the link between the Cathedral and believers.

Our Activities

Edavakanadham ( Monthly Publication)
facebook page ( Mannookkunnu Cathedral )
Mobile alert obituary
News Updation and Advertisement on print and e-media

Vice President :Sunny Paulose Puthookatil (9847407511)
Gen- Secretary :Jibin K Onankunju (9495374547)

Edavakanadham Editorial Board

Chief Editor : K.K Kuriakose
Managing Editor :Jojan Chemmanam
Editor :Jibin k Onankunju
Editor in Charge :Eldhose George, Akhil Thampi

Executive Members:

Lijo k John
Biju k.C
Jeffy Joseph
Reji P.V
Eldhose Thampi
Rohith Puthooran
Nisha Jobin

Finance : P.K Kuriakose
Publisher : Roy C.C