Short history of mulakulam mannookunnu St. Mary’s orthodox cathedral

The St Marys Orthodox Cathedral was founded on January 28th in 1885(1060 makaram 15) in the name of St. Mary.This  holy church was established in Malankara Orthodox Sabha (congregation) by one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Protector of Universe, St. Thomas and it belongs to the Kandanadu west Diocese. This holy church was founded at Mulakulam by the effort of the best of the devotees of Jesus Christ, Very Rv.Puthoor Kuriyan Markose Kathanar. The Purpose behind this foundation was to create a fearless and free atmosphere for thr christens to conduct their rites and worships in mulakualm, Peruva,  thekkekara, Kumnnapilly, Perumpadavom and nearby areas. The Foundation stone laid by the H.G Palouse mar Evaniose metropolitan(late 1st Catholicos of the east)
The small thronossukal  St. Thomas (north)   St. George(South) are constructed in the name of them. The crossed in the west are constructed in the name of St. Thomas and the symbol of protection of sleeba.

When these happened and unexpected obstacle for conducting prayers or worships at mar Yohannan Ehidoyh Church Valiyapalli as Kuriyan  markose  kathanar was working as Vicar he bought the help of his own family members and other neighboring families. United them. Got permission from the authorities and established this church in the thattakunnu house plolt.As the permission for building a church in mulakulam hill. Mulakullam thekkekara had already been received from Govt. As per the application submitted earlier and the church was built accordingly ,It was known as manookkunnu church. He living there carried out the a parish rule Very efficiently That respectful priest is resting in piece in the cemetery of this church after his blessed peaceful death on 30th  thulam 1076. Later the predecessor and cousin (brother’s son) Rev. Puthoor chako markose Kathanar Resided at church and conducted the parish rule. With the co operations of muttapillil Ghearghese Karthanar and chemmanathel Yohannan Kathanar.The western steps constructed with cut stones. The silver cross marvahasa and other church ornaments are made them.It was in this church that H.G Pathrose mar Osthathiyose received brotherhood and priest hood.

On  12th November 2006 Diocescian  Metropolitan H.G Dr. Mathews Mar Severious laid the foundation stoned completed the construction of the new church, On27th January 2009 H.H Moran Mor Baseliose Didymose ! Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan Conducted the Mooron  Koodasa raised the church as the first Cathedral of the Kandanadu  Diocese

Every Sunday holy  Qurbana is held in St. Mary’s Chapel  Kunnapapilly Under the Cathedral. Besides spiritual societies are also is active working. Every Last Satuday of the month holy Quorbana and Every Friday prayer meeting are held in Mount Zion St. Gregorious Chapel .Mattappallikunnu.  There is a cross yard in Thannimattom and Chemmanamkunnu in the name of St.  George under the Cathedral

Priests Serviced in the Cathedral

1 Rev Fr. Kurian Markose Puthoor
2 Rev Fr. Chako Markose Puthoor
3 Rev Fr. Ghevarghese Muttappilli
4 Rev Fr.Yohannan Chemmanam
5 Rev Fr.Purathu Markose Puthoor
6 Rev Fr. Ghevarhese Chemmanam
7 Rev Fr. Abraham Karmel
8 Rev Fr. Joseph Velliyammel
9 Rev Fr. John Athanical
10 Rev Fr. Philipose Mangalaserril
11 Rev Fr. George Kattakkaya
12 Rev Fr. Joseph Kalpurayil
13  very Rev . Skaria .P. Chacko Cor Episcope Pulikkaseril
14 Rev  Fr. T.P. Kurian Thaliyachira
15 Rev Fr. Jacob Kurian Chemmanam
16 Very Rev A.M.  Mathai Cor Episcopa
17 Rev Fr. N.V Ouseph Njarakkatil
18 Rev Fr. K.P Mathews Karivalathu
19 Rev Fr. John C. Abraham Cholothil
20 Very Rev. P.U. Kuriyakose Cor Episcopa Potharayil
21 Rev Fr. C. S. Mathew Creyotayil
22 Ver Rev John CorEpiscopa Thaliyachira
23 Rev Fr. Kuriyakose  Mekkatil
24 Rev Fr. Joseph Manderidyil
25 Rev Fr. Paul Daniel Adoor
26 Rev Fr. V.V.  Kuriyakose Vadayadiyil
27 Rev Fr.  Thoamas Chakiriyil