St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral Mannookkunnu

mannookkunnu cathedral which is one of the ancient and prominent church in Kandanadu west diocese of Malankara Orthodox Church, stands on a lovely hilltop Mannookkunnu Mulakulam, 40 Kms east of Kochi.40 Kms north of Kottayam.

The St Marys Orthodox Cathedral was founded on January 28th in 1885(1060 makaram 15) in the name of St. Mary.This holy church was established in Malankara Orthodox Sabha (congregation) by one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Protector of Universe, St. Thomas and it belongs to the Kandanadu west Diocese. This holy church was founded at Mulakulam by the effort of the best of the devotees of Jesus Christ, Very Rv.Puthoor Kuriyan Markose Kathanar.